weedz Ltd is a global player in the cannabis industry. And so we are investing in our future. We research, develop, and design. Here you will find out more about our projects.

Research Project ETH Zurich

weedz Ltd and ETH Zurich are co-conducting a research project in the domain of cannabinoids.

Our specialist knowledge and the technical facilities of the world-renowned ETH Zurich University will enable us to obtain an unprecedented view of the individual molecules of the cannabis plant. 

Our main focus thereby shall be on the Cannabinoid CBN (Cannabinol).

Press release: 

weedz SA and ETH Zürich collaboration on cannabinol research 

Medical Cannabis Project Germany

weedz Ltd and Canymed GmbH partner in the cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany.

The combined know-how of both companies lays a strong foundation for further activities

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