weedz Lifestyle

weedz Ltd produces and markets high-quality cannabis varieties, and various derivatives with a high CBD or CBG level. Whether in Switzerland as raw material for tobacco substitutes or in EU countries with our Aroma Bags as a lifestyle product, our philosophy is always to offer the highest-quality products.

Tabacco Substitute

In Switzerland, cannabis flowers with a THC content <1% are deemed tobacco substitutes. In our domestic market we are active as a manufacturer and wholesaler. Our varieties are used by several brands in Switzerland, and are available in over 1000 points of sale.

Flowers Wholesale

We offer premium CBD and CBG varieties for international major clients.  Whether the THC content must be <1.0%, <0.6% or <0.2%, we always have the required genetics to comply with the local legal requirements. And of course, all of our batches have an analysis certificate.

Extracts & Isolate

Thanks to our international network and our exclusive partnerships, we always have our finger on the pulse. Whether it is tinctures with 5% CBD content or the purest active substance with 99%, we guarantee top quality for fair prices. Whether packaged or in bulk, all products are delivered with a laboratory test.

Aroma Bag

Our Aroma Bag selection is comprised of four varieties: Super Lemon Haze CBD, Blue Dream CBD, Harlequin CBD and Source CBG.

All of our Aroma Bags are in compliance with EU legislation (THC level < 0.2%) and are declared in four languages. Available in a large range of stores in countries such as England, Austria, Spain etc..

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