Medical Grade Cannabis

weedz Ltd produces medical cannabis for the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing is done in accordance with GACP guidelines, while the later stages of the value adding chain occur in compliance with GMP standards. We hereby guarantee the complete traceability of our products.


We manufacture according to the guidelines of Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (abbreviated as GACP). Our quality management system with countless SOPs guarantees consistently high production quality.

Certified Lab Testing

We collaborate with leading laboratories to ensure that each product batch is tested according to our specifications for cannabinoids and impurities.

Packaging & Logistics

Our products are further processed and packaged under Good Manufacturing Practice (abbreviated as GMP) conditions.

Depending on the desired use and the legal requirements, our cannabis flowers can be gently treated with electron irradiation, according to GMP guidelines. We thus achieve a final product free from all germs and bacteria, so that even patients with weak immune systems can take their medicine without any worry.

Our high standards are applied to every aspect of our product, including delivery. Our transport is performed by our logistics specialist, observing Good Distribution Practice (abbreviation as GDP).


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